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Our Garage Services, Ashington, Northumberland

For a full range of auto modifications in Ashington, Northumberland, please be sure to visit Tints N Tweaks. All of our products are supplied and fitted to the highest quality, and all vehicle servicing and repairs are carried out by our experienced qualified technicians. Our motto is ‘main dealer standards without the dealership prices’, and that is exactly what you get! Whatever your requirements are, whether you are interested in brakes, vehicle mapping or window tinting, please be sure to get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to assist and advise you.

Brakes & Clutches Repair & Replacement Ashington

Clutches and brakes make up essential components of vehicles and most importantly they are vital for overall safety. If you feel like your vehicle has a fault with these then it is recommended to contact a leading garage services provider in your area who can repair or replace your brakes or clutch in Ashington Northumberland. Located in Ashington, we have been helping customers with their vehicle brakes for many years, so you can trust Tints N Tweaks to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top condition securing you safety and peace of mind.

Tyre Repair & Replacement in Ashington

A key part of car maintenance is to check your tyres regularly. If your tyres are wearing thin, then you not only risk putting yourself in danger but also risk being fined. In addition you won’t get the feel of how your car should handle on the road. Thankfully Tints N Tweaks offer a full tyre replacement service including:

    • Tyre check and recommendation for best fit
    • Tyre pressure check
    • Tyre condition check
    • Puncture repairs
    • Tyre repairs
    • New and used tyre fitting service
    • Competitive prices and quick turnaround

Engine Diagnostics Ashington

If your vehicle is not performing as it should and not getting the miles per gallon like it used to, then you will want to have an engine diagnostics test carried out. This will diagnose any issues that could be holding your vehicle back and preventing it from getting the performance that it was built to have.

In short, if your vehicle engine works perfectly, it will bring the best performance and save you money in the long run. Tints N Tweaks, Ashington has years of experience carrying out engine servicing and diagnostics with many happy customers. We always complete our machanical work to the highest level and focus on customer satisfaction. This is why our customers come back year after year for all their vehicle requirements.

Mechanical Repairs

It can be challenging to find a reputable garage in Ashington who you can trust to carry out all of your vehicle machanical repairs. Tints N Tweaks can help with a mechanical repairs for a large range of vehicles – just bring your vehicle along and we’ll help. Our machnacial repair services include:

  • Replacement of engine parts
  • Resolve overheating problems
  • Full engine management
  • Maintenance of the engine

Auto Springs in Ashington

Suspension upgrades and lowering kits can be supplied and fitted in our workshop, at competitive prices, or kits can be sold as supply only. For more details e-mail us, giving us as much details about your vehicle and your requirements, and we will get back as soon as possible. Performance suspension systems are necessary to control excess chassis motion and keep the tyres firmly on the road surface for street performance driving.

Car Suspension Upgrades in Northumberland

We have large selections of performance suspension parts such as lowering springs to lower your car for that aggressive race car look and also high performance handling.

Progressive lowering springs for the sporty racing look.
High performance gas shocks and struts for handling
Chassis enforcement strut bars and lower tie bars
Straightening up your car’s chassis for high speed cornering at turns.
Filters in Ashington

A well known fact is that it is good to force as much cold air into your car’s engine as possible, mainly as doing so increasing horsepower, acceleration and torque. This is highlighted at track days, where you see some cars driving around the track with only one headlight, again to increase air flow. There are three options available for upgrading your car’s air intake – induction kits, panel filters and cold air intake systems.

Many people choose to purchase and fit an induction kit (or cone filter as it’s commonly known), replacing the more restrictive air box and creating more room in the engine bay.

The next option is a product known as a panel air filter. This is a direct replacement for the manufacturer’s standard filter and slots straight into the air box. Although the sound isn’t as obvious as that of the cone filter, the engine’s breathing is still vastly improved over the restrictive manufacturer’s equivalent and, on average, they are also cheaper than an induction kit due to having less parts and requiring less time to fit. Installation is a straightforward job consisting of unscrewing the air box, taking out the standard air filter, dropping in the upgrade, and screwing the lid back down!

The final option is a cold air intake system. In a way, this is the best option of the three but the most expensive! It is basically a cone filter, encased in an outside shell therefore reducing heat build-up and allowing cooler air into your engine.

K&N are one of the best known producers of upgrade air filters but we can also supply filters of all types from manufacturers, including Piper Cross and BMC.

A cold air hose can help to increase the performance of your car. This can be highly effective when combined with a cone filter.

James the manager was spot on with his diagnosis, and what's more he saved me a hell of a lot of money too, very unusual to find this kind of honesty in the trade.The work was top quality a long life stainless steel cat back, and the curtsey shown me by James and the guys was outstanding I have certainly found my garage - well done guys

Dom Felton September 12, 2017