Hydro Carbon Cleaning

Get the most out of your engine

Hydro Cleaning Ashington, Northumberland

Give your engine a complete clean using only water!

Over time a vehicle will have a build up of carbon, which leads to many issues such as lessened throttle response, smoke from the exhaust, increased emissions, decreased MPG leading to poor fuel economy, and the list goes on.

Sometimes this can cause more serious issues impacting the safety of a vehicle and can lead to MOT fails. In short, vehicles naturally get dirty, which then causes issues. A carbon clean will clean the engine thoroughly leading to better performance and fuel economy.

Why Choose Hydro Cleaning

Tints N Tweaks is excited to bring this revolutionary cleaning service to the North East. Carbon Cleaning can:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce emissions
  • Increase vehicle lifespan
  • Improve overall performance

To book your vehicle in for a Hydro Clean give us a call on 01670 858388 and you won’t be disappointed!

James the manager was spot on with his diagnosis, and what's more he saved me a hell of a lot of money too, very unusual to find this kind of honesty in the trade.The work was top quality a long life stainless steel cat back, and the curtsey shown me by James and the guys was outstanding I have certainly found my garage - well done guys

Dom Felton September 12, 2017